Flexible Content Management System

The End

PostNuke started officially in the summer of 2001.  After several years of development the PostNuke came to an official end in 2008.  The software was always meant to be the stepping stone to better things, namely the "Adam Baum" project which was originally based on a PostNuke version but soon forked in a totally different direction under development for a few years.  

The fruits of the Adam Baum prokect were released as a new product called Zikula. Efforts have been made to make a migration path to the new product although not all modules and extension are compatible and the migration process can be rather difficult.  For details about the migration package, please see the migration release.

Zikula should not be confused with PostNuke since they are spearate products and the underlying code is vastly different. A decision was made to provide security updates for PostNuke until 1st July 2009 and there will be no more releases of PostNuke beyond version 0.764.  If security issues are found it is suggested you discontinue use of PostNuke and migrate.  If you require professional support doing this you may contact us.

The End.