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Help wanted

#1 a password protected browsable database of members names

#2 new member signup area (with corresponding admin approval denial control panel) who's functions including e-mailing a member his password and login name on a monthly basis (kind of like the mailman system)

#3 some moderate interaction with a sendmail .aliases file

#4 current member's input screen where they can edit their own info

#5 an admin Control panel that gives admin ability to:

- reset member passwords

- add new members

- edit members

- edit member e-mail addresses ( I have a program for this that could be integrated)

- simple database backup to a "flat file" within the site

#6 system can be tared/zipped up and moved to new host if necessary with no major hassles (adjusting an absolute path within a config file in not considered to be a problem

Those are the listed REQUIREMENTS

The want list PHP/SQL would be the preferred method for this the current system uses cgi and a csv file to store the info. The ability to tell the program that it is operating with phpnuke and to "share cookies" IE the user could use a phpnuke database for user name and password functions. At the same time if phpnuke was removed the program would retain its own copy of the username and password for that user.

All seriously interested persons please contact

Limited funding is available for this project and all current funds were gathered by donations from the Veterans group for this project.

Modules CVS now up

Just to make it clear, here are the commands you would issue to checkout from anonymous CVS on the *NIX commandline:

cvs login

cvs -z3 co -P modules

Currently, the only module available is the Google Search.

To use these modules, just drop each directory into your modules directory ie:
if your Post-Nuke directory is at /home/postnuke/public_html/ and your modules CVS directory was at /home/postnuke/cvs/modules/ then you could "install" the Google Search module by issuing this command:

cp -R /home/postnuke/cvs/modules/Google_Search /home/postnuke/public_html/modules/


If you join the list and have no intention of being part of the development, please don't post anything. The list can be at times very high traffic, and although we value everyone's input, maybe a post at the site would be more effective.

There is also the users list available for problems, questions, support, and off-topic stuff:)

If you do want to be part of the conversation in the developers list, please drop us a note, and allow us to add you to the SourceForge site as a developer. This allows us to assign out tasks, bugs, etc. I think this is a fair trade.

Please, let me warn you though, this list can be very high traffic. I have gotten 15 emails in the last two minutes, and that seems to be par for the course with just three of us on it. More people, more mail...

Mailing Lists

Linux Developer Theme on Post Nuke

The only errors were attributed to the theme itself. It appears as though the roll over images in the upper right where hard coded for the Linux Developer site. I changed that, although I did not yet change the second image so you will get a JavaScript error if you roll over them.

So to all those out there with all those pesky spelling errors and other more glaring problems with Nukes development, everything works in Post-Nuke.

Now what the future holds is hard to say but if you are using Nuke 5 I would give Post-Nuke a try



After the fall-out: Strategy for Post-Nuke?

With the birth of Post-Nuke I wonder what the overall strategy is going to be. Is Post-Nuke going to follow the development of PHP-Nuke or will it take it's own direction? From what I have read it seems the latter is the case. Will the Post-Nuke community have a saying in this process?

There are a lot of non-coders using PHP-Nuke thus a "send me the patch" won't cut it. Is there an intent to create a community that listens to the vox populi across the board?

Looking forward to learn the views of the developers and the community at large.

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