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Fall-Out .51 Ready for Download

Contributed by Anonymous on Jul 04, 2001 - 03:44 AM

==== After Thoughts from .50 ====

Removed $index = 1; comment on download.php

css encased headlines portion of mainfile.php

readpmsg.php missed. CSS encased now.

=== CHANGLOG for .50 ===

FIX -- added module definition lines at the top of top, stats and topics modules.

FIXED submit.php bug with previewing story. ALL HTML Validates.

Submit.php now a module

FIXED HTML Validation in ExtraLite theme.

CSS -- added to Top_List module around "("._CATEGORY.": $ctitle)".

FIXED HTML Validation error in PostNuke theme -- bottom_links.php

FIXED HTML Validation error in PostNuke theme -- theme.php

FIXED HTML Validation error in poll (mainfile.php)

Online Box no longer shows private messages if you don't have any.

FIXED rendering problem with online box caused by no line break at end.

FIXED article rendering in ExtraLite theme.

CSS -- Poll comments missing css around the comment. Still has validation errors.

FIXED strange login problem. Users are now redirected to the index page instead of calling the header. // Credits to Michael Cortez -- and Post-Nuke Dev for the redirection to Index page.

FIXED slight problem with sections not changing pages. Not sure if this made the last distribution or not.

FIXED sql dump for added modules.

FIXED problem with theme where informant was not getting credit for writing story.

ADDED variable to replypmsg.php to turn off smiles and icons. Set at top of file.

FIXED an error in memberslist module that wouldn't allow you to go to next page.

That's all of them, I believe.