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Languages (Welsh and Mäori) and Blocks

Contributed by Anonymous on Nov 02, 2001 - 12:18 AM

As a result I've enlisted the help from my partner and also a New Zealand friend of mine to help translate the language files into these two languages.

I will probably make them available via my web site as development is completed. The plan is to add sections of the translation over time, so as not to overload the translators.

If you are interested in joining this miniature project then let me know, or if the management of PostNuke would like to have these added to the CVS then I'm all ears.

On other notes, I'm in the process of converting my web site to PostNuke after the closing of distributed development of phpNuke. I've got a couple of blocks that I had hacked for phpNuke, that I now want to convert to PostNuke. I've read the notes online, but still having a few queries, so any expert block creators out there, I'd love to hear from you on your advice.