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Power of Postnuke

Contributed by Anonymous on Nov 05, 2001 - 12:19 PM

The Postnuke site would be able to track RFI's, change orders, etc (Essentially everything involved in the day to day operation of $100 million plus jobs).

After going to a seminar they decide to change to a software/web server called Prolog. This program does everything that my modifications could do except that they are going to charge us around $600,000 a year ($400 per $1 million in work).

So to the dev team and all who have made Postnuke possible HOOAAH!! For myself (non-programmer) to be able to go through the code and make these changes and have it be comparable to Prolog, yall deserve a pat on the back.

PS: I am still going to go ahead and attempt to port the core and modules over to this system, maybe some other company will pay for it so I can keep my site up and running :)