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phprofession v 2.0

Contributed by Anonymous on Nov 06, 2001 - 10:51 PM

this version has seen many changes:

CHANGE LOG: version 2.0.

# made jobs being displayed within a certain amount of days.

# added limit to jobs speck with 255 chariters for the details so that the database stays with only needed info.[prep for recruiters]

# took out cmd = Choice and made it go directly to upload with a link to fill out the form if they dont have a cv.

# admin index page shows lots more usefull information

# add/delete and edit departments

# add/delete and edit Salary

# jcode sql changed to int so that we can have stats on the jobs to see how many times a job has been viewed.

# added restrictions on admins for ther eto be a super admin and normal recruiter admin axcess,

# added already registered link for less forms to be filled out

# some small bug fixes and layout

# made register here go to cmd = upload and not Apply with a choice to go to apply.

# some other small sql fixes

here are some other links for resorces about this module:

This module first came from devshed article as i know of:

There is a huge tutorial there to read up on so that you can see the

changes that have taken place to create what we have today.

there has also been some developement on phprofession at sorce force,

here are some useful links.

  • perfect Job

  • phprofession



    work in the next phprofession will include:

    # language files.

    # more admin fetures eg: changing locations ect like salary.

    # mailing users job discriptions

    # sorting out the forms for easy use

    any other things you would like to see comment in the forum over here!

    the non-nuke version will be out shortly.

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