Flexible Content Management System


I intend to use PN in my company, but....

Contributed by Anonymous on Nov 07, 2001 - 11:30 AM

Version A, in-house development, would require a lot of extra time as compared to B - using an existing app. OTOH, A would provide us with the exact model we need. What I need to know is if we can modify PostNuke (modify as in mostly add modules) to suit out needs.

Going B, would mean that some corporate time would be invested in developing such modules, and I think that would benefit to PN too.

Here are some questions maybe some of you will bother to answer"

1. Can the user control/customize the modules that appear his/her page ? As in which modules and where do they appear on the page ?

If no, would it imply large modifications to the core of PN in order to get it done ?

2. Can a user control the overall layout of his/her page ? Can he/she choose to have, let's say, two column: the center one and one on the right, instead of the regular 3 column layout.

3. Can the administrator enforce the fixed placement (for example on top of some column) of some modules (e.g. company news or whatever crap) ?

Thank you very much for such a great software and I hope your question will gear me towards using PN.