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Work and live for Postnuke !

Contributed by Anonymous on Nov 08, 2001 - 02:37 AM

Importand is, that you have to know, that we create in future much themes (this make Michaelius), and for new tools, that make the anonym rest of Nukeland, the peoples in background ! What we do in moment ? We have 2 big projects in moment ! One is in Beta test phase, it is the new submit.php (you can see on our testpage sometimes how it work), the other is a new block system, what allow you as admin to say, wich user see wich blocks. That mean you can also say as admin, guests see only X, members see Y and admins see Z ! IS this a nice idea ? Is in moment in alpha test phase ! Give us time, and we will bring you all ! As last, the submit php is in the last stadium of tests, some little problems of security we have, but we hope that we can delete this problems fast !

So far so good, i hope you can understand our english, we wish you all the best for your nuke sites, your Nukeland Team !

PS: Our website is only in german, but all can post in english there too ! You are welcome !