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News - postnuked and a cool improvment to themes

Contributed by Anonymous on Nov 08, 2001 - 07:10 PM

What i did was building themes so that the themeindex() functions displays within the article box a picture for that particular article. How can that be done very simple? Based on the article id of course. Check it at <a href=> my site.

The themeindex() function includes a variable called $morelink so i substracted the article id from there, avoiding hacking any core files.

And now my BIG problem:

There is a different story with the themearticle() function that does not include the article id anywhere. That takes me to hack into the article.php file to pass the article id to the function. That is not good and i have not done it yet, Therefore the whole article does not display the picture anymore.

I can think of some other reasons for including the article id in the arguments passed to the theme functions, so please include this in the next release.

If any of you has another solution (without hacking the core files) please let me know by posting a comment here.

Thank you and congrats to everyone using and developing postnuke.