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How to make your site search engine friendly in 2.56 minutes.

Contributed by We are working on so on Nov 09, 2001 - 12:40 PM

How to do it?

1) Start Internet Explorer.

2) Goto your site: e.g.: and save it as index.html.

3) Publish this index.html and the corresponding folder index_files at you website.

4) DONE.

What will happen?

The next time a guest visits your page index.html will we displayed instead of index.php. So the first page of your site is now search engine friendly.

What will you get?

- First page loads a lot faster.

- All links will work.

- Works with IE and Opera (Tested with IE 5.50 and Opera 5.12).

- Your site will be indexed by all search engines, not only Google, which is (as i know) the only search engine that indexes dynamic pages.

What will you loose?

- The first page is no longer dynamic.

- So content will not change.

Work arounds:

a) Remove date and time from saved index.html

( Have a look at and compare it with the original

See? No time.

So a guest might not even notice that he is visiting a "outdated" page.

Have fun!