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a less intimidating user.php

Contributed by By the end of the =- on Nov 09, 2001 - 12:42 PM

The "edit homepage" option has also been removed, since I can't imagine anyone using it on my site, so this reduces the navigational clutter.

You can see this version of user.php at; it's in the downloads section "other Post-Nuke downloads."

I'm not currently up on the CVS but I'd guess that Rogue will address these issues. It's easy enough if you know some php to edit these things out. The problem is that the people who have sites for "non-techies" who are likely to be intimidated by all the options are also likely to be "non-techies" themselves, and not know how to edit out those options which are really "techie" (like word count and number of views in sections, for example). It would be nice indeed if we had a central place for less-techy versions of things for newbies. Anyone wanting to post such "hacks" is welcome to do so at; we've also got a "tech project page" which can function for such announcements, for the moment. But a more centralized place for non-techie PN newbies would certainly be a nice plus.