Flexible Content Management System



Contributed by Good idea! on Nov 09, 2001 - 12:46 PM

1) Final image should be no more than 5 k

2) All text should be readable, san serif fonts -

3) all entries should be supplied in both .psd, .jpg, and .gif formats

4) logos will be posted to an image gallery on a postnuke system yet to be determined. Most likely,, or as some initial neutral parties.

5) A vote script will determine the entries, please no duplicate votes.

6) The winning logo will be integrated into many postnuke systems. Please remember, the psd file should be included to facilitate ease of custom graphics that integrate with the theme.

7) submit as many as you like.

8) Images should be no larger than 89X95, this is the current size of the graphic displayed on postnuke.

9) Entries will be merited on readablity as well as graphic impact. All decisions are final by the postnuke core dev team

10) Contest shall run until 12/31/2001 . New logo posted 01/01/02