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Online GUI generator ala

Contributed by Good stuff, but care on Jul 18, 2001 - 11:09 PM

Users can create shockwave flash bars, flash status bars, tooltips, CSS based navigation bars and a whole heap more, well there are 12 tools in total. All this can be done without any knowledge of Flash, or CSS etc.

Basically all the free tools that are available from will be available direct from your site for your users to use without the hassle of having to register at

You can download the addon here:

All that is required is for you to unzip the file and place the folder in your modules directory.

I appreciate it could probably be done way better than the way I have done it, so feel free to flame and abuse ;-)

Alternatively if people don't feel it is total rubbish, then I am happy to do a few more of these types of things, so you can add free tools and content to your sites to help make them "stickier".