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EwdiPublish comes under fire from PostNuke Fans

Contributed by Anonymous on Nov 13, 2001 - 02:21 PM

FoxServ Senior Dev team Member and one of PostNuke's many fans and supporters

LinuxMAX came under the e-mail flaming of many postnuke users for

"stealing" PostNuke code.

So after a long talk with LinuxMAX he sent me a copy of the

source code to his product and I can attest to the fact that none of the source

code in his product is from the PostNuke CMS. I also went and reviewed his

description of his product and suggested some minor re-wording so as to dissolve

any confusion the public in general is having about his product.


EwdiPublish is a legit product that uses ideas drawn from the

owner's usage of the Postnuke System but NONE of the Source Code.

When describing your commercial script always get somebody to

proof your work.

New Description: Backed by MySQL database, EwdiPublish

is a news publishing system that can handle a heavy load of traffic. Some of its

features include: Multiple Pages Support for articles and Special Sections,

Multiple Category or Channel, Submission Form for public user to contribute

news, Survey manager, Syndications and XML backend, Featured Article, and

Special Sections. EwdiPublish is available for lower pricing on Non-Profit

Organizations and students. This script was inspired by a very popular

OpenSource CMS called PostNuke. *note none of the PostNuke Source Code was

used in this product.