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Modifications of some flows in PostNuke ?

Contributed by This article was sub on Nov 15, 2001 - 09:45 PM

The role of the admins would be to validate the new users, to install new modules, themes, blocks, bugfix, etc. and the make backups of the besite. (administrative role only, not really involved in the content).

In order to do this, I need the following modifications :

- Registering system : when a new user apply, the submission is sent to the admin who can accept or delete the user. If the admin accept the user then only the password is sent to him by mail.

- Articles, news, reviews, etc. submitted by members don't have to be approved by the admin and can go directly online (as the site is dedicated to a small communitie, the admins know all the members). If it's submitted by a guest the existing flow is used and it has to be approved by an admin.

As I am not very good in programming and as I'm only discovering PHP, I would appreciate some help.

PS: I would like to congratulate and to thank people involved in the development of PostNuke, but also PHPNuke, PHP, Apache and MySql : I installed PHP for the first time two weeks ago and now I already running a site which is much better than what I wanted to do first. Also my sympathies lie with all the people who brings nice modules, themes, blocks etc. and in a more general way to the whole Open Souce Communitie !