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More complete description of future releases

Contributed by My take on this is t on Nov 15, 2001 - 09:50 PM

I think putting out a layout of what's planned and what may make it to "Rogue" would stop a lot of people of posting the same questions over and over. I'd put an article laying out what's planned for the different future releases, make it very clear that dates and features may change without notice (just in case) and keep it updated.

I'd make this file an article, so users can comment on it, but make a link to it also from the welcome blurb (The current release is .xx. Click _here_ to see plans for future releases, as well as dates) and from the main menu. Users would check it more often and their first option for comments will probably be the comments system, instead of a news submission.

I myself would be happy if approximate dates and feature lists were released already. I have been hesitant on implementing my own user system, since Rogue supposedly has a much better one (maybe better than what I had in mind), but I am waiting on Rogue only because of faith, because I have NO IDEA what will it actually be different in.

What do you think?

As always, great job done on the system, the community and in handling the social issues that have arisen with PostNuke and the rest of the Nukes out there. Congratulations on a stable and sound system. Feel free to edit this message for content or to move parts of it somewhere else (like the trash bin..:)