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Trueque: Open Classified System is born!

Contributed by Anonymous on Nov 17, 2001 - 11:16 PM

A while ago I was looking for a decent classified system, and found none. The only script (open) that I liked was an auction system ( Probably the reason is that since classifieds are supposed to make money nobody wants to release one for free... who knows.

Therefore, I kinda forked phpauction, (in reality just modified it a bit here and there), and made it my classified system. Still is pretty rough around the edges, but it works, and I think that if enough bodies work on it, it can be made a nice piece of software.

It could even be made a PostNuke Plugin! However, I must admit my first priority will be to make it a good piece of software, and only then make it a plugin if anyone desires.

So hop in!. Development will follow the PostNuke way: Open to serious developers who want to help. I know my limitations, so if anyone out there wants to be a leader mysql guy, fine!, same for html, css, etc. The objective is to create a fine (open) classified system written in PHP.

Code is in CVS at sourceforge. I hope enough people are interested in making it a great piece of software, if not I'll have to stumble alone ;-(