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Something that needs to be said

Contributed by Anonymous on Nov 17, 2001 - 11:19 PM

It seems to me that these are things that can be brought up in the forums, or can be resolved by RTFM. The result of making these requests in articles and the like are actually not as much to the poster's advantage as they think, for the following reasons:

A. If you post in the appropriate forum, people that have specific expertise in that area will respond if they know, whereas if you post it to the community at large a lot of time you might not get a response, or you might get bad advice from someone who is not an expert. Not a bad thing to contribute, but you'll get stronger support in specific forums than you will on the main page.

B. Many post these articles thinking that it will give them the quickest response, which is sometimes true. On the other hand, you may be inviting flames, or your question may not be addressed at all. If you post to the forums you may not get an answer as quick, but it'll probably be more complete and detailed.

C. Posting individual requests on these main pages unnecessarily takes attention away from community-wide development. It is more laborious for people looking for new modules, themes or bug fixes, when they're having to sift between feature requests, download locations and the real programming content.

I'm not an authority here on what should or shouldn't be done, I'm just giving people some suggestions on proper development etiquette. I'm not against people asking questions, but I think they should be routed to the proper location with a bit more care. This isn't meant as an attack on anyone, just a plea to make it a bit easier on all of us that visit...