Flexible Content Management System


Another CMS - but a different one!

Contributed by Congratulations, and on Nov 20, 2001 - 03:08 AM

Meanwhile the system is going to be "finished" in its first revision and has a lot of very special features:

- using ADODB for all db-operations (makes the system work with mysql, mssql, odbc, oracle and many more)

- using rFastTemplates to manage design without any limit! Supports multi-dynamic and nested blocks!

- optional LDAP-authorisation

- full modularized system (you can easily change the db-engine, the template-engine, blocks-engine and whatever - without changing each single block-script or other scripts)

- management for user- and admingroups, including full competence-catalogs

- usergroup-assigned content-output

- multi-languages

- administration has been fully split off and CAN be run from another sub/-domain (on same server as public site) and from a second db!

- all modules are handled as blocks

- makes use of PHP-Sessions only!!! NO MORE COOKIES!!!

- full tracking of users and admins to a log-db

and much much more...

This System is NOT A POSTNUKE-FORK and it's not compatible to Postnuke in any way!

Well, the first revision is only a base-system and a lot of enhancements will follow. I'm thinking of releasing this project under GPL/GNU... Is there any interesst for this?