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Newbies and Gurus

Contributed by Anonymous on Nov 21, 2001 - 01:21 AM

Since I was ever a microsoft tech expert (traditional developer), my experience with web programming is almost nothing (in fact negative: MS-Frontpage).

The situation is that I have created a popular (>100,000 downloads) peer2peer mp3 sharing client, and all I implemented in my web was a simple ASP forum.

Now, with an extremely fast growing community, I need to give them much more service and content (>5,000 visitors/day), but I am the only working on this. I designed the peer2peer protocol, developed the client, did the commercial work, and now I'm pulled to creating a portal knowing nothing about web dev. nor PHP.

I'm really happy to have found you. Postnuke is really a very top level commercial software but it's a community-driven development.

As a guru in closed/commercial development, I see clearly that there is one thing that could boost up your project to the mass at the speed of light. The key is to say in a single document (an article, a static HTML anywhere...) what can postnuke do and how can be done. Of course, not all, but the basis, which can be valid for both, newbies and gurus.

I think that postnuke is difficult to describe in a paragraph...(PostNuke is a Weblog / Content Manag...). I'm sure that if there were a place to read -simply- what can be done and how to do it with postnuke, a bunch of new members will grow the community. The key is that this doc will respond to the questions:

- Can postnuke do what I need to do in my site?

- Can postnuke do it the way I need it?

As both answers are YES in ALL cases, success is guaranteed.



PH: oh, my program is blubster,, and I'm trying to implement my own portal in liks to documentation and windows2000-IIS how-to for postnuke are welcome! :)