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NukePack dot 641 released!

Contributed by Still not sure why y on Nov 22, 2001 - 01:35 AM

Tickers, NukeBrowser, SiteNews, Multilingual variables, Enhanced News page, Enhanced Blocks system, Enhanced Headlines, NukeSuck, Enhanced Modules Admin, Enhanced Web Links, Modular pntables, Modular Admin Block.


New Features:

Tickers: Added fullfeatured advanced Tickers system which is an

alternative to blocks. Displays any amount of information in a scrollable

single line. Scroll speed adjustable. This feature is primarily for

headlines services (this one is builtin as RSS News for NukePack) but any

type of other tickers can be added. Rules are exactly same as for PostNuke

advanced blocks.

NukeBrowser: A web browser which displays almost all web pages from around

the web in PostNuke portal. Frames, forms, redirects supported, javascript


SiteNews: An automated site news generator scans your site and generates

daily articles containing changes. Modular system so module developers may

add config files for the scanner in the includes/sitenews dir. New backendnp

provides whole sitenews based RSS feeds from your site. Multilingual

variables supported (see below).

NukePack Admin Panel: ALL NukePack features can be enabled/disabled,


Multilingual variables: Block titles, content, Articles may contain language

dependent variables (i.e. _TOPICS). If ML option active, these variables

will be translated on the fly.

Enhanced features:

Enhanced News page:

Supports multicolumn layout adjustable 1-4 columns. Allows image attachments

to articles to be more attractive. Centerblocks and Multilingual variables

supported (see above).

Enhanced Blocks system: All blocks are scrollable manually or automatically,

can be reloaded in adjustable intervals of 5 sec - 1 hour independently.

Administrator may restrict appearance of any block for all, members only or

guest only. Added center position to allow blocks to appear in the

centerblock of News page too. "File type" phpNuke blocks are also supported

without any modification. Shadeblocks: blocks can be minimized/restored by

members. Multilingual variables supported (see above).

Enhanced Headlines: Admin has been moved to separate module from blocks

admin. Added NukeSuck feature: You may "suck" feeds from any regular news

site even without RSS/RDF service (See example at the end of this file).

Headlines can be used for blocks or tickers. Builtin NukeBrowser support.

Enhanced Modules Admin: Added automatic sql file interpreter. Generates safe php

install/uninstall scripts from any module's sql file. Lazy developer

support: "sucks" license/credit/help information from modules' script


Enhanced Web Links: Builtin NukeBrowser support.

Modular pntables: added custom pntables support in includes/pntables dir.

Allows overrides and new definitions without touching the new core


Modular Admin Block: waiting contents will be included from

includes/blocks/waitingcont dir so allows module developers to add their own

waiting content options. Displays only nonzero waiting contents.

New Blocks:

oldblocks - phpNuke file type block support

rssnp - NukeSuck and NukeBrows enabled headlines

sitenewsblock - SiteNews Block

Included Oldblocks:

Calculator - for fun

NP FAQ - uses unified blockdump feature

NP Links - uses unified blockdump feature

NP Topics - uses unified blockdump feature

NP Users - uses unified blockdump feature

Nuke Browser - provides URL input field

NukeClock - for fun

Recent Headlines

Recent Links

WhoisOnline - advanced online monitor

New modules:

NS-NP_Config - Admin panel to customize NukePack features

NS-NP_Headlines - NukeSuck enabled headlines admin

NS-NP_Tickers - Similar to Blocks Admin

SiteNews - scans site for changes

NukeBrowser - integrates web into PostNuke portal

Affected core files:

pntables: added modularity

mainfile.php: include_once mf2

mainfile2.php: lang include_once

footer.php: close mysql

article.php and

print.php: image and Multilingual variables support

header.php: modifies themes on the fly for image and Multilingual variables

support and displays tickers

includes/counter.php: iframe support

includes/advblocks.php: completely rewritten

includes/blocks/linklist.php: modular waitingcont

themes/PostNuke/theme.php: full width

Affected modules:

Messages: bug fix

News: added multicolumn, centerblocks, Multilingual variables, image support

NS-AddStory: added Multilingual variables, image support

NS-Blocks: see above

NS-ModulesAdmin: see above

Submit_News: added Multilingual variables, image support

Web_Links: added NukeBrowser support


Simply copy the content of html folder in place, NO core tables will be

modified, new tables and variables will be created automatically as needed

Original distribution files attached in backup folder

Language template included in langtemplate folder

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