Flexible Content Management System


So are we happy?

Contributed by Harry is still the t on Nov 22, 2001 - 04:13 PM

I was just thinking about how Harry used to be the terror of the old PHPNuke mailing list ;)

I am very happy with PN as it is progressing very well, and am happy that this turned into such a worthwhile project. I read almost every developers post on the PN-Developers list. Just to know whats comming down the pipeline.

It is amazing that PN website servers about 30k to 60k page views per hour, and about half a million visitors per month!

Looking at the sourceforge stats it would appear that there is over 27,000 sites that are running pn.64 !

So, yes im happy with where its all going, and want to say thank you all to all the developers!

And Harry, after only six months or so, has it gone where you thought it would?