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=-Rogue-= Status

Contributed by Anonymous on Nov 23, 2001 - 02:30 AM

I intend on releasing a "Rogue Preview" this weekend. There are some things that need to be changed from the modules side to work with the Rogue and the permissions system. The theme system also has some new calls to be updated.

For this reason I am going to release a Preview Package for the module and theme developers. The system has undergone some major rewrites since the .64 release. We have touched every file probably 5 times with complete system changes.

This Preview release should be ready as early as tomorrow, and at the latest this weekend. The system is quite different with the permissions and will take some time to learn if you are use to the old admin system. I would recommend installing the preview as a test only and not on a production site, until you are used to the changes.

We are doing some final touches on the install file and trying to locate as many bugs as possible in the meantime. I appreciate everyones patience in this release, since it has taken us a bit longer to get to release ready than normal, but I think that you will all be pleasantly surprised with the changes.

More on this tomorrow, as we update this site, and Steve updates the documents for the Rogue!