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Search module - plugging other modules

Contributed by We will be working o on Nov 23, 2001 - 02:09 PM

-Patrick Kellum search module as it's written right now is not ML

- Expanding the search to modules other than the standard ones requires adding a file to includes/search

- ...therefore ML for those plugin searches would require adding to the search defines (if there was any)

Wouldn't a modules/module_name/search directory make sense? that would be perfectly in line with the modularity of postnuke. Module writers could now distribute a search routine with their modules that would plug right in with the search. At the same time we would now be able to use the modules specific language file...

Has this been considered yet? I'm willing to do it myself but it will take a while since I don't have much time...

On a second note:

I submitted a nice and detailed "standard Announcement" for the Improved DMOZ module about a week ago on with the hope it would be added to the CVS and the downloads there but, don't know why it was never posted.

You can test it at my test site (try just using the search form on the theme :-) and download here.

Release notes, description of changes and install instructions are in the docs/ directory