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Any interest in an advanced reviews script?

Contributed by Anonymous on Jul 19, 2001 - 11:30 PM

The changes were primarily for it's use on my scale modeling web site. I've taken and added additional fields, which are/aren't used based upon whether it's a kit review or book review. I've also added the capability to add (administrator only) additional images to the review, up to 4. Felt a bit limited by 1. It does require additional fields in the _reviews database.

The only drawback, I've hard-coded a lot of the text descriptions into the script as I really don't have time to translate the descriptions for all of the languages.

You can see and example of how the script works at:

Feel free to take a look at the submission portion of the script. Again, you won't be able to submit or add the 4 images unless you're an administrator.

I do plan on modifying the script further by including the option to actually upload images, limiting display size and giving registered users the right to add the images instead of just the admin.

Mark F.