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Hacking more bells and whistles outta 0.64

Contributed by on Nov 26, 2001 - 12:18 PM

The number of reads is in the individual themes, so I didn't post that. You can find it easily in your own theme (if your theme has it)--search for $morelink, it's close to that, you'll see it and hack it out easily. The number of bytes is in the module News, so that's posted. I also use NPNews (the older one with the buggy categories--a newer one with categories cleaned up has been posted at, so the buggy NPNews w/o the number of bytes is also there. The hack of Sections was done by our team member Steven Beitz--this is really a very nice, very much needed hack imho.

Yes, it's a bit late to be jumping for hacks of 0.64. But some of you might be waiting around a while before you upgrade, so these are here for you. I'll probably post the 0.7 hacks of these, and the other things we've hacked, when we get around to it.

Hacks like this are nice for non-techie users who can get a little intimidated by all the different things that are going on on a page. This shouldn't be underestimated, even though it may seem silly; needless complexity really scares some people off (as I've been told by users).