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Layout Evolution II - Online Proof of Concept

Contributed by on Nov 28, 2001 - 02:29 PM

The idea is to have one (or more) top level 'Layout Blocks' which are represented in t

Feel free to mess around with the layouts etc. but please be gentle, this is only a wee box.

This is only the admin side (there'll be a 'preview' option vsn...) but hopefully it will demonstrate the proposed flexibility, not just in the layout on the main page, but also for the blocks nested within the main page.

This will also give the option of different layouts for the same theme, depending on the context (op=? or name=?).

The browser as html tables.

Each cell can have one or more Layout Blocks or normal PN block nested inside it.

  • The first page of the demo shows a listing of defined Layout Blocks, each displaying their 'grid model'

  • At the foot of this page you have the option of creating a new Layout Block.

  • Select a cell and press [Define Cell] to define it's width and height (col/rowspan).

  • Press [Define Content] to define the blocks to be nested within the selected cell.

  • To add new content press [Add Cell Content], otherwise select the required content and press [Modify Cell Content].

Comments (especially from PN core team), bugs and complaints (observations) much appreciated. (Don't forget this is prototype code, so not all exceptions are handled cleanly...)