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fix the metas, head and page titles

Contributed by good point. maybe yo on Nov 28, 2001 - 05:13 PM

but doing this brings about another question... shouldn't the title of each page vary as you move through the site? For example, a setting in each module to allow for page title --- Since my site deals with Memphis, shouldn't itbe able to pull up as a title for my article on the lights and festivities at Graceland "Christmas with the King" or some such, then my personals module should be different to incorporate FREE memphis personals for singles in the memphis metro area and my trouble ticket module should also have Memphis computer help desk as the page title? This brings another cool thought... Each module should have a section in the admin where one can write a paragraph of fluff and copy relating to that module... The reason for this is very simple... Search engines that read for content... Of course, I could always make a master include file... but am looking for a long term solution...

Any thoughts?

I will make my include and header.php available to any who contact me thru the memphisweb contact form.