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FoxServ's Future and new home

Contributed by on Dec 03, 2001 - 12:50 PM

FoxServ 2.0 Final was released. The new version comes with updated packages, Perl, and Python. The Next version (2.1) will come with Advanced FoxRun Technology. What is FoxRun Technology?

What is FoxRun :

FoxRun Technology is a resistant technique that was implemented into MySQL server.

What is FoxRun Technology used for?

As i said above, it used to resist IndexLess Query, standart MySQL server will crash and restart when someone run a bad PHP script and query without indexes, FoxRun will run that script and show an error message and block the script from crashing the MySQL server. It's good for someone who use FoxServ for hosting, so if some script kiddies learning to use PHP & MySQL, you dont have to worry about him or her crashing your MySQL server. Besides that, FoxRun Advanced which will be out with FoxServ 3.0 will have load balancing system and RAM throlling to keep the server low resources hunger.

What is FoxServ?

FoxServ is an installer package on Win32 Platform for Apache,MySQL,PHP,Perl,Zend,and Python.

Why is the file so Huge?

We are working on Add-On Packs where users could download the core(Apache,PHP,MYSQL) and the additional Package (Perl,Python).

Where can i get FoxServ?

FoxRun Technology is trademark of LinuxMAX Media Group

FoxRun Advanced is a trademark of LinuxMAX Media Group

FoxServ was a project started by FoxHunt and taken over by LinuxMAX Media Group ("