Flexible Content Management System


thoughts for functionality and usability

Contributed by Some good ideas! on Dec 05, 2001 - 12:30 AM

Still would like to see My_eGallery tie in to a user profile picture as an option...

Also, just quick note, Funk Ku Theme is not completely postnuked --- requires some work -- but I have a working copy!!!!

Enhancements of admin areas of existing modules to where we have a field where we can place our drivel and copy and a bit of verbage (This should be on ALL modules for postnuke -FAQ, Downloads, Sections, and all third party modules -- is there an easy routine that we can use to start towards implementing this?-- similar to how the message function appears on the news module index) - this also helps every webmaster with search engine rankings for their site as most balance the content with meta tags, and word usage....

The permissions system is still very confusing and gave me a headache trying to figure it out...

Can we find a way to make this user friendly?

more later... have to run... but my head is swimming with ideas!