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Question on custom category headers (using overrides, I think!)

Contributed by on Dec 07, 2001 - 01:28 PM

I tried this several different ways, and nothing works quite right. I know I'm doing it wrong! I tried stuff like this in theme.php and in funcs.php:

if ($info['catid'] > 0) { // show category headers

echo "(a href="$links[category]")(img src="".WHERE_IS_PERSO."images/$info[catid].gif" Alt=""._WELCOMETO." $sitename" border="0")(/a)";


echo "(a href="index.php")(img src="".WHERE_IS_PERSO."images/logo.gif" Alt=""._WELCOMETO." $sitename" border="0")(/a)";


Note: Changed the > tags to ) to make them show up here!

I kept getting doubled logos and left nav bars. I tried telling the script:

if ($info['catid']){ // show category headers

$catheader= include("cat/$info[catid].txt");

That didn't work either. I know there has to be an good way to do this, but I sure could use some help figuring this out.

Thanks so much, and just wanted to say that the new look of PostNuke rocks! Love the tabs too!