Flexible Content Management System


call it campaigns

Contributed by on Dec 10, 2001 - 01:24 PM

Let's check this first: What's the definition of PostNuke?

Is it a real Content-Management-System? No. Sure, you can manage some text, but prof. CMS can do a lot lot more compared with the current state of PN-dev. Think of image-handling, wysiwyg editors, template engines, data-abstraction, cross-media-publishing etc. I know, that there are some mods coming up ....

Is it Community-Management-System, too? Yes. You can have Forums, Chats, IM etc. and provide content 4 the community.

So PN it a combination of CommMS & CMS. And you can set it up for E-Commerce, Intranets, or e-learning-plattforms.... Great. But in all cases you will need to have the possibility assigning specific content to related promotion-features (Polls, Chats, Banner-Ads, Products, Related Links, Downloads etc.). Call it campaigns! comunity-management starts beeing successful and fun - and a lot of work ;-), if you have the possibility of building campaigns. Not only for commercial websites.

Sure there is some stuff already there (Related Links), keep these ideas, develop them as I'm doing now. We have a block-system, we have content, we have interactive-features and a cool banner-managemt (phpads..).

I think some Nukers think a bit too technically, well we can discuss about IDs, Database Tables, XML & Co. Well xml is the de-facto-standard, but while we are building a secure and stable code, which is priority one for sure, we have to develop a roadmap, not some vague PN-Visions. Or did I miss something?