Flexible Content Management System


Administrators and Users Table merged!

Contributed by I've been holding of on Jul 21, 2001 - 12:07 PM

I doubt this will take much time to impliment.


- Allows easier overall understanding of Post-nuke user system, rather then just having a seperate login system for Adminisrators.. it could be all one.. such as you would login as a normal user and have admin rights.

- Many people have websites where in there are more then one adminisrtators etc.. and for each admin you would have to create an account for them inorder that they may be administrators. A feature like this would eliminate this hassle.

- Also this would allow you to more freely distrube rights to certain users with out any real hassle, such as you can assign someone to moderate the fourm, someone to add downloads, someone to approve articles.. etc...

Cons-(can't think of any concrete cons.)


Well, just something to think about, I know this has been a requested feautre for some time now, but you guys know how fast FB is to developing a requested feature.:P