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Host anyone?

Contributed by on Dec 11, 2001 - 04:33 PM

Hello there, 

I just have been informed that you had totally dropped your support to phpnuke

to switch to postnuke. As Mandrakesoft has been pushing phpnuke and reiterates

its support to Francisco Burzi for this projects and also other projects, I

have to ask you to remove as soon as possible everything that lets people

think that Mandrakesoft support nukeaddon and in particular:

- SPONSORED BY: MandrakeSoft

- MandrakeSoft Team

· Francisco Burzi

· Gael Duval

· Joel Flores-Carpio

· Frederic Leroy

- and the Mandrake banner that might appear on your pages

Thank you.



"Business customers don't want an operating system called Mandrake or an

interface called KDE." © ZDNet - David Coursey.