Flexible Content Management System


Thank you....

Contributed by on Dec 12, 2001 - 01:27 AM current server:

Wish to have fast server, so will provide a better services to the community.

Bandwith Highest: 15 GB/month (I would be very happy to allow user to download the mods in the future from others then SF)

Space: enough to run two PN system for Development and Production + MySQL DB which is growing every day!

MySQL: Two DB for development and production

Email: I just need one and several alias

SSH: Shell access

Password: Protected pages (htaccess) if needed to protect the Development enviroment

If possible to have my one IP with Virtual Server

In return:

Please let me know what is the requirement :)

Again thank you for all your support and with this I will be able to bring PN into the next level.