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Is .htpasswd protecting Internal Links in Post Nuke Possible?

Contributed by on Dec 12, 2001 - 01:29 AM

Now, I am well aware that version .7 has permissions the admin can set, but that does not help me because I cannot upgrade to .7 as of yet - and probably not for a while due to many modules and themes I have running. Besides, this is an interesting programming dilemma that needs to be solved, if possible.

Now, .htaccess/.htpasswd does work fine, as long as I provide an external link (eg: However, when a user provides the given password, they cannot access the page anyway because Post Nuke will not allow them to access the file directly. Besides, it wouldn't matter anyway, because that blows the purpose of private messaging an individual, because you wouldn't be able to message them directly without having to address "Who" to send it to.

Now, interestingly enough, .Htaccess/.htpasswd will NOT work within Post Nuke when trying to access Private messages or the inbox, because the links within Post Nuke are handled internally (eg:

So, my dilemma is a tough one. How is it possible (if at all) to .htaccess/.htpasswd a modular link internally? Any ideas?? If so, then please share, because I will greatly pass on the info. My recent discovery is that Many Post Nuke users have tried to figured this out as well, and have come up with no solutions. It would greatly benefit many users if this function were simply allowed. :) It really shouldn't matter what version of Post Nuke you were running either, as an internal link is still a link. However, I am running version .64. I cannot upgrade to .7 because many of the modules I have are not compatible with .7 yet, nor are many of themes I use.

Thanks for all of your help! Take care!

-- Kid --

P.S. -- My email is if you have a solution or fix for this.