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Too many default modules

Contributed by This is currently in on Dec 12, 2001 - 04:30 PM

I have been browsing quite afew PN sites lately, as I am developing my first and need some inspiration, to do's and not to do's....

One thing that struck me is that everytime i go to a newish site there are about 8 empty links in the left menu.

I mean not every site has reviews/sections/ or the need for a members list with messages.

How about making the (very little) effort of renaming the modules you are not using so that they do not show in the menu?

Maybe also not including so many in the core download might be a suggestion, or even including them in a separate directory so people can copy them across ?

This also contributes to the whole sameness of PN, which so many people moan about...

Just an opinion