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username restrictions suggestion

Contributed by This suggestion will on Dec 14, 2001 - 04:44 PM

I run a Gamers' Clan site and people registering (just as my team) use usernames like this one:

{-=+*] |_@//()0R3 [*+=-} §u$pICiou$~"Trial"

Okay, that name was a bit overexaturated, but you might get the point. Due to the restrictions while registering a new user you can't even type in enough chars, if your name is short enough, PN won't let you use spaces etc.... I switched from my 80% rewrite of PHPNuke to PN quite a while ago because of lesser needs to modify the core files. I still modify them with each new release of PN (yes I know what I am doing :-) ) and it's less to do everytime. With Rogue all I had to do was modify the Session table and the User table in database (put them up to 50 chars) replace those maxlength value in the register forms (50 is enough for my needs) and do some work in the uservalidation routines. I do that everytime so I can keep up with the newer (always better) release of PN. I wonder if anyone exept for myself cares about things like that. Just thought it might be a very nice feature in future versions of PN.