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multisites for offline developers

Contributed by on Dec 17, 2001 - 12:15 PM

What I just wish the development team look at is this:

When I connect to the root rogue installation, I 'll be able to load the corresponding postnuke site according to the directory initially called.

For example in my local Apache box:

Site 1

http://localhost/rogue/domain1 will load the domain1 config for my domain1 postnuke site


http://localhost/rogue/domain2 will load the domain2 config for my domain2 postnuke site

domainN where N= 1 to as many postnuke sites you want

All must utilize a single rogue core install.

So when I decided to publish the portals online,I will only utilize the redirection service of my domains as will be directed to, will be directed to

and so on...

PLease email me at for any ideas and updates re: this inquiry.

Thank you and more power to Postnuke!!!


Above are all going to be postnuked as soon as I implemented the Multisite properly.