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Post Nuke Hosting Available in Exchange for Professional Services

Contributed by on Dec 18, 2001 - 12:10 PM

I own a small xSP service and have my own servers and equipment on a redundant T3 line. I would be happy to exchange hosting for some PN development work. This offer is open to anyone and all willing to take me up on it (assuming a certain modicum of ability, of course).

I can offer anywhere from 10 megs up to several gigs worth of storage, along with the requisite bandwidth.

What I am seeking in return is a theme that closely mimics the Windows 2000/XP interface (l will supply the DHTML and javascript code and widgets necessary to accompish this) as well as a file sharing system similar to the one used on the site, as well as access to your talent on a continual basis for tweaks, mods, etc. This offer to barter is open to more than one individual, and any teams or groups are welcome as well.

Please contact me via if you are interested so we can hammer out the details.