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Adding Database Driven Modules WITHOUT requiring sql installation!

Contributed by nice ideas. check ou on Dec 19, 2001 - 08:24 PM

Perhaps there could be database tables that are shared by a bunch of different modules, that would be created when someone installs postnuke! That way adding a module would be as simple as putting the files in the right directories.

I guess I am thinking along the lines of this:

Table name:


Columns in table:

module_name varchar(255)

pseudo_column_name varchar(255)

pseudo_id int

value varchar(255)

Then for example a module which stored titles of petitions could store those values in the same table as say, another module that stored the titles of books. for example

insert into nuke_module_varchar255_values set module_name = 'petition_module', pseudo_column_name = 'petition title', pseudo_id = 1, value = 'Save the Whales!';

insert into nuke_module_varchar_255_values set module_name = 'book_list_module', pseudo_column_name = 'book title', pseudo_id = 1, value = 'Gone with the Wind';

So, wouldn't it be nice to not have to create any new tables when you wanted to add on a new module? Plus wouldn't that be nice to eliminate the need to come up with conventions on naming module specific tables?