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Is PN Ready For Commercial Use?

Contributed by I would say that we on Dec 19, 2001 - 10:29 PM

Offering Internet programming, design, and e-commerce setup. Started in 1993.

Commercial community site

Not really a commercialsite but has a very impressive board of directors who endorse PN!

I hope to find more sites like these to demo to potential clients. I have designed one PN driven commercial site . It was very easy. As a result I've had 3 requests for PN commercial web sites in my local area. Mostly becuase I demonstrated that I can crank these puppies out in short period of time at a lower cost :)

I am very excited about PN's present potential. My biggest question is how secure is PN .64 for commercial use? I'm mostly concerned about PN .64 becuase I'm forced to use it until the the developers at Black Voodoo Clan integrate their ecommerce mod into PN .70+