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Post Nuke for the Enterprise

Contributed by on Dec 20, 2001 - 12:34 PM

Examples of the work done would be to create a functional windows-style GUI as a theme (DHTML dialog boxes, XHTML capable rich text editor, chromeless windows, drag and drop menues, depressable buttons, etc. - I can supply the code for most of this stuff) and a secure file explorer/file management/file sharing system.

The resultant product will be marketed to the enterprise as a service (in lieu of selling PN the product, allowing it to stay opensource - a business model similar to RedHats would be ideal for an enterprise PN product), along with Return on Invested Capital justification and analyses, risk management models, etc. (you know, that MBA consulting stuff), competing with commercial products such as MSFTs sharepoint portal, notes, exchange, etc. It has come to my attention that a few entities would love the product that PN is becoming if they had a team that could service it. They purchase products from large companies, 60% of whose functionality they do not need nor take advantage of, despite the fact they are paying licensing and consutling fees for.

I have spent a lot of time with MPN, PHPWebsite, Exchange 2000, Notes R5, PHPNuke, and as of the .7 release, PN has pulled ahead of the CMS pack in terms of core functionality for the enterprise. MPN comes with the a whole host of (working) bells and whistles, which makes it ideal for the portal style internet site for public consumption, but they have yet to achieve db abstraction and granular user permissions. It is this that allows it to be considered with certain implementations of Exchange et. al. that have been sold to entities that really do not need it. The PN team is also much, much better than other CMS efforts at laying down a roadmap for the future, the absence of which will scare away many a serious corporate consumer. These qualities are very important as you move up the food chain. Oh well, enuff ranting, give me an email if you are interested - I would also appreciate feedback from anyone who has any.