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Naming convention for downloads

Contributed by very good ideas. if on Dec 20, 2001 - 03:50 PM

In the DL section of PN hacks the first dl is called UCD_download.tar.gz.

It's a hack allright but WHAT FOR ?

Is it for 0.64, for .701 .702 or for windows 3425 ?

Noone knows and noone could know !!

Would it be to much to ask from all people releasing downloadable archives to name the files much more clearer? For example:


in the above example would be:


I am sure others will agree with me

Please take this into consideration, make it a requirement and make a public announcement .

I am sure that the procedure will be adopted by everyone in a short while and it will save everyone a lot of time and troubles.

This improvment will make the PN along with developer products more accesible and easy to be installed.

Thank you and congrats from Romania on a very well done job.