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PostNuke sounds good so far.

Contributed by thanks for your comm on Dec 20, 2001 - 11:28 PM

Having no knowledge of other PHP projects out there I have installed and currently still running PHP Nuke on my server. PHP Nuke was the only PHP Modular web system I have ever been exposed first hand to, so there was no thought of looking for others.

I'm having as of yet no problems either. But mainly because I haven't found that "thing" I want to change in it yet either. But already I can tell it would be a nightmare to make alterations to PHP Nuke due to its static hard coded nature. I have read modules describing how if you want thier module to work in version x.x you have to do a search and replace in multiple files.

As a professional developer though I will say one thing. W3C is cute and maybe prestigous but who cares. If IE and Netscape are happy than its compliant. The only added benefit even though it doesn't always hold true is that W3C HTML should remain true and consistant in browsers for a longer time period. For a script system like PHP Nuke and Post Nuke this extra grace period should give you the ample amount of time to get scripts up to par with current popular browser standards. For static html page writers the only thing they need to worry about is does their html work for 90%+ of the web users.

I see in the near future PHP Nuke will be falling behind alot in this department with the way it is designed.

Although I'm not going to remove PHP Nuke just yet (I just finished installing and configuring and i'm too lazy to start over.) I can see in the near future I probably will be removing it and installing Post Nuke when Post Nuke hits that 1.0 version or I get completly burned by PHP Nuke which ever happens sooner.

Your concepts and layout of code seems to be right on target.

I just hope you guys don't get into that popularity contest syndrome that usually spells disaster for projects.

Anyways i'm going to be watching Post Nuke site and keeping track of whats going on. So far everything sounds like a real positive step in the right direction.

Keep up the good work guys!