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Open Source and "Register" Policy

Contributed by you raise some valid on Dec 22, 2001 - 02:54 PM

...this is not a xmas poem, I just couldnt wait any longer.

I have no problem understanding;

- that you have to register if you want newsletters in your mail

- that you have to register to partisipate in site specific "members only" activities, that is something else than open source.

- that you have to register if its important for you to post messages with your own nick, and be able to receive private messages.

- that you have to register if you want to by something in a webshop.

- and maybe a couple of other reasons..

Other than that, I have no sympathy for forcing people to register AT ALL.

If my site is not good enough, so people for some reason WANTS to register themselfs, I dont see how I can defend to force them to do it.

If no one says nothing agains it, we all have to live with that register shit the rest of our lives, and our children too.

And I dont think that is good for Open Source Developement