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Permissions for dummies...

Contributed by on Dec 26, 2001 - 11:31 AM

I would like to set up an intranet with the following user levels:

Guest (anonymous visitor):

He can just see two messages in the center and a login box on the left (no possibility to register as new user, I already changed the code appropriately)

JC (Junior Consultant):

This user can access all functions available but has no admin rights such as posting submitted articles or creating polls. Just a user, basically.

BOD (Board of Directors):

Same functions as user but can view on additional block which links to an external file-manager. Can modify users, add and delete them and of course manage content.

Admin (that's me):

What was used to be called God.

If anybody could give me some hints on how to accomplish this I would be willing to document the measures I take and provide the documentation to the community.

Cheers and merry christmas from Hawaii (studying here for 4 months, yippie ;-))


PS: Take a look at my baby: