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Some unofficial Rogue 0.7.2 fixes

Contributed by on Dec 28, 2001 - 11:31 PM

These fixes apply to 0.7.2 and possibly other Rogue versions too.

As usual the GPL blurb applies. I take no responsibility and make no guarantees etc. etc.

It is possible that the language fixes may contain some British English rather than American

English. Although I can think of no specific instances it is a possibility.

All of these fixes will be in use at <a target=_top HREF=""> after 1st Jan 2002.

If you are using Linux please do not forget to set the permissions for each file.

The following files are included in the archive:

article.php - Comments were broken so are now disabled. For people who keep article.php for backwards compatability with 0.64.

global.php - (from Stats module) Language clean up for Stats page.

global1.php - (global.php from News module) Language fix for News articles.

wl-navigation.php - Puts Web Links navigation links on a new line.

Fixes for the Brittania theme

theme.php - Various fixes for Rogue usablilty.

style.css - A few colour changes for the theme to make some text readable.

A description and where each file goes is included in the archive.

You can download these <a target=_top HREF=" Rogue 0.7.2 Fixes(Unofficial).zip">here and e-mail me here.