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Host Providers Ban Nuke-based Sites Due to Resource Hogging, Bugs?

Contributed by This has been a prob on Jan 03, 2002 - 10:02 PM

Does anyone have any idea whether these are real issues that can be fixed and whether there is any estimate on when these "problems" will be resolved? Obviously bugs will take care of themselves as development surges forward (PN is still technically beta software) but as far as resource hogging is concerned, is that a problem native to nuke sites and CMSs in general or is it something that relates to the code specific to PN and PHPN that can be cleaned up and streamlined to specifically address the resource issue such that Site5 and others will change their minds?

Has anyone else had experiences similar to I very curious to know how those of you using PN on shared servers are faring.

Following is the quote from the site:

BeNews goes Static

By Eugenia Loli-Queru on 06 December 2001

And here we are back on static HTML. Our ISP provider, Site5, is very serious when they say that these bloated *Nuke engines are taking too many resources of the shared server. A little search on Google, and I found that PHPNuke has been banned from some ISPs and hosting services as well, because it is way too resource-intensive (not to say buggy, I have experienced many bugs myself the last two weeks that we were using PostNuke). So, our forums are also offline (I currently link to the OSNews BeOS forum), because they are also... CPU intensive it seems (we were switched off from Site5, even before the PostNuke, when we were only static and we only had the phpBB forum). Sorry people, there is nothing else we could do for now. But we will see... [cut]