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Ideas to language systems and language structures

Contributed by on Jan 05, 2002 - 03:15 AM

Languages are different and many languages need different language structure than English.

Current ML system uses the language files but in many cases the core mixes the separately defined words to phrases or sentences in a way that is logical to English language.

In many other languages the order of the words and sentences need to be put in different order or say it in other ways.

Like e-mails sent to the users, passwords, codes..., stats, news, ... weblinks, downloads, the full sentences are mixed with small phrases that are defined in lang files and add variables between the phrases, but the places and order of the variables and phrases are hardcoded in core files and are common to English language structure.

Also some phrases are mixed from words and variables- (like "3 reads", "10 comments", "Password for username") In these cases other than English language may require that the phrase of sentence is put in other order or said in other way.

Current system makes translating to some more complicated languages very difficult.

There are some request that I see are essential in order to make PN really multilingual and usable in other languages also. Its sometimes even funny how the mixed sentences look like in other languages. But puting th emixtures to lang files would enable true and proper language structures.

  • No mixing of phrases from separately defined words. - Instead define this phrase in language file.

  • No mixing of sentences from separately defined words or phrases. But sentences should be defined in language files using spaceholders for variables in language def-s.

  • No mixing of phrases or sentences with hardcoded variables. - Remove variables (numbers, names...) from Core and add them to language defs, (placeholders in middle of sentences and phrases).

  • wherever there is a need to mix something (even two words or numbers) - define this mixture in language files.

    My suggestion is that it should be one point in the standards for future development of PN and PN Modules.

    There is also another point to ML.

    How do you like the topic names :

    Uudised, Kirjandus, Luule, Raamatud, Muud teemad

    I believed so... But there is no way changing the topic names, Categories and Section names (in some cases also box names) to more than one language... making you headache when comming to my site, because despite of the ML contense you do not understand a heck what it is about.

    And finally you say that I should submit that to SF under future requests. I have already done it... And decided to rise the subject also here to get some louder voice !


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